IL Giardino Organico – an Introduction

by Phillip on September 9, 2011

Il Giardino Organico at The Vineyard Farmer's MarketOne of our favorite Farm Stands at The Vineyard Farmer’s Market sits in the corner of the west end of the arbor and is called IL Giardino Organico, “Organic Garden” in Italian.  They have been at The Vineyard since 1993, when they were “the oddball” stand, the only one selling certified organic food.    They feature European specialty produce, but that’s just scratching the surface of what this interesting and exciting group of farmers is doing!

Meet Lou.  I met with him last Wednesday to talk about their farm, but when I got there, I had no idea what I was in for.  The conversation lasted more than an hour and is still now continually changing my life and the way I think about food.Lou from Il Giardino OrganicoThe Saturday before, I asked Lou if I could come by and talk to him, and he was more than willing to meet with me.  If you’ve met him, you know Lou will always make time to talk to you and impart a bit of his expertise.  But that Saturday he briefly mentioned to me that they were in the process of making their farm entirely “biodynamic,” which was something I had only heard of, and something I wanted to know more about.

Well, come Wednesday, Lou and his associate, Barry, gave me so much information about biodynamic farming that it’s going to take me days of processing and researching to digest it all!  I’m really excited to share what I’m learning, but that’s all going to have to happen another day.

For now, just know that there’s a friendly little stand with people passionate about growing the best possible food, and they’re waiting for you at The Vineyard Farmer’s Market. So stop by, talk to Lou.  Tell him I sent you. Lou talks to a customer at IL Giardino Organico