Flavors of Fresno: Lahmajoun

by Phillip on September 1, 2011

This week we started exploring and researching the culture and food of Fresno’s Armenian population.  Let me tell you, it’s been a good week so far!  There are a great variety of Armenian delis and markets in town, and that means it’s not hard to find great food from the region.  It also means that this is likely to be an ongoing investigation, and one we’re really going to enjoy!

On this journey we’ve traveled to five spots so far, including recommended favorites Fresno Deli and Occasion Bakery.  At the deli we picked up a container of Yalanchi (grape leaves stuffed with seasoned rice) and some roasted eggplant and vegetables that were recommended by the woman behind the counter.  The staff was friendly and helpful, and the food was excellent. We’ll definitely be making our way back there again.

At the bakery we talked briefly to Rose about the different types of baked goods she had to offer then bought a variety of things to sample: cheese and spinach boregs, cheese bread, and Lahmajoun.  It was all excellent, but today we thought we’d talk a bit about Lahmajoun.

Lahmajoun, sometimes called Armenian pizza, is a thin, soft flatbread topped with a spicy sauce and ground meat, usually lamb and beef.  Traditionally it is served with a squeeze of lemon and wrapped around some veggies, but it’s also great as a snack by itself.  Stacks of Lahmajoun are sold in plastic bags, much like pita or tortillas and they can be found all around town in Armenian markets, delis, and bakeries. They are best heated in the oven or in a skillet.

Occasion Bakery is tucked away on the corner of Gettysburg and Fresno street, and is open Monday through Saturday from 9am – 7pm.  Fresno Deli is located on the same corner, facing Gettysburg.

What are some of your favorite spots in town for Armenian food?

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